• Week in Brief

    Week in Brief 12.04.2019

    It has been one of the worst Norouz holidays for most Iranians. Heavy rain started a few days before the new year and extended until the end of the holidays. Within two weeks, more than [...]
  • Week in Brief

    Week in Brief 15.03.2019

    The Iranian new year, Norouz, is approaching. Visiting relatives is a fundamental activity that Iranian families do during the Norouz holidays. When visiting relatives, guests are entertained with fruits and more importantly with mixture of [...]
  • Week in Brief

    Week in Brief 08.03.2019

    800 tones of cooking oil are blocked at customs since summer 2018 waiting for permissions to be exported, announces the Oil Producers Association of Iran (OPAI). “From April to June 2018, we succeeded to export [...]
  • Industries

    Iran: world’s 6th consumer of gold

    “Iran is among the top ten world’s largest consumers of gold”, says Hojjat Shafaei, Head of Gold Manufacturers Association of Iran. “Producing each kilo of gold creates two jobs in the country. However, too much [...]
  • Energy

    Public transport prices: a never-ending loop

    Tehran Municipality and Tehran Taxi Organisation are struggling to set new public transportation prices for the coming Iranian fiscal year, starting March 21. Tehran Taxi Organisation claims that next year’s tariffs must increase according to [...]

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