• National News Review

    Flight tickets in Iran: a regulated Free market!

    Four years ago, Iran Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) said that the prices for domestic flights will be set only at free market and there will be no regulation anymore. At the beginning passengers who were [...]
  • Climate

    Railway: most efficient means for Post Company

    National Post Company of Iran says that railway is the most efficient transport means for shipping parcels. It is also the cleanest method. On average sending one kilogram via railway costs 3,000 rials, while shipping [...]
  • tomato paste

    Trump, Tomato Paste and Iranian Policies

    After the sharp devaluation of Rial after the return of the US sanctions on Iran, many Iranian goods, particularly food, become very cheap for the neighboring countries. Several buyers from Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and other [...]
  • Industries

    600m USD: Iraq’s debt to Iranian constructors

    According to the International Consultants and Contractors Association of Iran (ICCA), there are 40 Iranian construction companies working in Iraq who despite all difficulties and limitations in competition with other nationalities try to keep their [...]

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