• Central Fruit Market

    Tehran Central Fruit Market has no cool-storage!

    The Head of Fruit Seller Association of Iran, Mostafa Daraii-Nejad, says that although the daily supply of fruits to the Central Fruit Market of Tehran is very considerable, still proper facilities to keep these fruits [...]
  • educated labour force
    National News Review

    Iran exports its educated labour force

    Using the facilities provided by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare of Iran, it is expected that by the end of March 2020, 5000 educated labour force would be emigrated from Iran to other [...]
  • Banking

    Digital Wallet for Foreign Tourists Visiting I

    Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Iran is launching a new program for foreign tourists visiting Iran to ease the exchanging money for them. According to this plan, foreign tourists can receive an [...]
  • Renault sales

    Leaving Iran lowers sales for Renault

    Leaving the Iranian market had its costs for Renault. As the French automaker announces its sales for the third quarter of 2019, considerable decrease can be seen in the Middle East figures. Renault Group revenue [...]

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