Bank Mellat

Bank Mellat is one of the largest Iranian private banks. Its name means Bank of Nation. It was established in 1980 by merger of ten private banks. In 2009, Bank Mellat became listed in Tehran Stock Exchange, initially floating 5 percent of its shares.

Currently, the bank’s capital amounts to 50,000 billion IRR and is one of the largest commercial banks in the Islamic Republic of Iran and ranked among the top 1000 banks of the world.

Mellat Bank Holding owns various companies in financial sector such as leasing, investment and insurance companies, as well as other companies in construction and IT sector.

In February 2018, the Industrial Management Organisation of Iran ranked Mellat Bank Holding the top Iranian company by sales.

Company Profile
CEO: Mr. Hadi Akhlaghi Feiz Asar
Year of foundation: 1980
Number of employees: 28,808
Market Capitalization: 49,300 billion IRR (February 2018)
Symbol at TSE: BMLT
Floated shares: 28%
Total Revenue (Mellat Bank): 64,707,317 million IRR (2017)

1.74 billion USD1

Net Profit: 3,985,217 million IRR
Total Revenue (Mellat Holding): 284,130 billion IRR

7.64 billion USD

Main Shareholders of Bank Mellat2 Percentage
Government of I.R. of Iran 16.99%
Mellat Bank Staff Future Fund 4.99%
Saba Tamin Investment Company 4.22%
Others 73.8%
Subsidiary companies: Ownership Percentage
Bank Mellat Financial Group 100%
Ma Insurance 40%
Tadbirgaran Behsaz Mellat N/A
Mellat Investment Bank 7%
Mellat Leasing Co. 77.93%
Tarh & Andishe Behsaz Mellat 100%
Mellat Brokerage Co. 100%
Mellat Exchange Co. 100%
Mellat Employee Social Security 100%
Mellat Employee Cooperation 100%
Moein Mellat Development Investment Co. 91.99%
Behsaz Mellat 99.98%
Mellat Construction Co. 100%
Mellat Printing Company 100%
Behsazan Farda Hushmand Fannavaran (IT) 100%

1: Official exchange rate used on the date of publication; 1 USD equivalent to 37,175 IRR.

2: Only shareholders with more than 3% of shares are specifically named.