Parsian Oil & Gas Development Group Co.

Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group, in 2007 was initially registered as a private equity company, Ghadir Alvand Development Company . Four years later in 2011, the company changed name to Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group and became listed in Tehran Stock Exchange.

POGDC currently manages the annual production of 2,480 million tons of ammonia, 3,845 million tons of urea, 3,380 million tons of methanol, and more than 8  million tons of oil refinery products. Currently, POGDC Holding – in addition to the production of the strategic petrochemical and oil products as mentioned above – has diversified its activities into the fields of energy, oil industry engineering and construction, rail transportation and marketing of petrochemical and oil products in order to bring under its management the entire cycle of the industry – from production to marketing and other related activities. 

Company Profile
CEO: Mr. Morteza Azizi
Year of foundation: 2007
Number of employees: N/A
Market Capitalization: 98,172 billion IRR (January 2018)
Symbol: PASN
Floated shares: 17%
Total Revenue: 23,834,492 million IRR

650 million USD1

Net Profit: 12,116,770 million IRR
Main Shareholders Percentage
Ghadir Investment 68.57%
Pension Fund 13.46%
Insuramce Fund 3.76%
Others 14.21%
Subsidiary companies Ownership Percentage
Bandarabbas Oil Refining 16.16%
Tabriz Oil Refining 48.53%
Shiraz Oil Refining 52.29%
Pars Shiraz Refining N/A
Pardis Petrochemical 66.67%
Shiraz Petrochemical 51.67%
Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries 42.22%
Zagros Petrochemical 34.48%
Pars Petrochemical N/A
Tabriz Petrochemical N/A
Kian Petrochemical N/A
Khorasan Petrochemical 13.23%
Marun Petrochemical N/A
Petrochemical Commercial Company International N/A
Navak Asia Kish Trading N/A
Parsian International Transportation Development N/A
Terminals and Petrochemical Storage Tanks 15.66%
Oil Industries Engineering & Construction N/A
Hamoon Sepahan Investment N/A
Hamoon Sepahan Management Services N/A
Tejarat Nou Insurance 20%

Petrochemical Projects:

Kian Petrochemical Co.
Pardis Petrochemical Co.
Kermanshah Petrochemical Co.
Tabriz Petrochemical Co.

Refinery Projects:

Pars Shiraz Refining Co.
Tabriz Oil Refining Co.
Shiraz Oil Refining Co.

1: Official exchange rate used on the date of publication; 1 USD equivalent to 36,670 IRR.