After electricity, the govt considers making water gratis!

the govt considers making water gratis

After defining the plan to make electricity gratis, now the government is considering to design another plan for water.

But, there seems to be a big difference between these two.

If you remember, we didn’t care much to translate the name of the electricity plan, because considering the thresholds beyond which one has foot the bill, we knew it will not cover us.

However, in case of water, it might be all different! And we are very eager to see, how the possible plan might unravel.

According to the CEO of Water and Sewerage Department of Tehran Province, Mohammad-Reza Bakhtiari, consumption of water among 60 percent of Tehran residents lies below the “fair-consumption-pattern”. And only 15% of households can be considered as “high-consumers”.

That said, it means that if such plan is defined to make the water bills gratis, it will cover more than half of Tehrani households. And quite certainly, we will be eligible for it! So, its name matters to us.

But the number of eligible households is so high, that the government might re-consider such plan at all, as Mr Bakhtiari comments: “Each cubic-meter of drinkable water in Tehran costs 25,000 rials, while subscribers pay only 7000 rials for it. Only in Tehran Province we already have 40,000 billion rials accumulated deficit. In such situation, making bills gratis for more than half of the subscribers does not seem feasible”.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, the consumption of water in Tehran increased by 25%, however, after few months now the consumption difference is around 7% more than pre-Corona-crisis era.

Sadly, it seems that the plan would be shelved before being lunched!

Oh, by the way, after four months we have a new Minister for Industry, Mine and Trade. His name is Alireza Razm Hosseini.

Mr Razm Hosseini previously was the Governor-general of Khorasan Province. He was living for more than two decades in Canada and his private business is about importing industrial machineries particularly for road construction.

As soon as he is approved by the Parliament, he announces 35 priorities in his plan. Yes, not 1, 2, 3 or not even 10, but 35 priorities which basically cover all subjects related to industry, trade and mining.

Since such appointments barely seem to affect our economy, we truncate this news here.

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