09.09.99 a very luxury birthdate

While some of us were showing off to others, that we had tomato in our salad yesterday, some other families had other serious problems. That was the date they wanted their baby to be born.

The date of the past Sunday, according to the Iranian calendar was 09.09.1399: a luxurious birthdate according to many families.

Although the government and several other organisations warned that giving birth earlier can be very dangerous and can causes health problems later for the child, nonetheless, almost all the delivery rooms in the whole country were booked on Sunday.

To discourage families, the National Organization for Civil Registration announced that the families whose babies are born within 03.09.1399 until 15.09.1399, can ask for a birthdate as 09.09.1399. A compromise which the government hoped would decrease the number of early-deliveries.

However, several families did not want a “fake luxury birthdate” but only the original one, at the cost of risking the baby life and health.

While a Cesarean delivery at a private hospital in normal days would cost around 60 million rials, the highest price for such surgery on 09.09.1399 at 09:09 a.m. reached 1.3 billion rials!

Of course, when the number of delivery rooms for a certain date and time is limited, prices might be anything. And that moment is certainly much more important in life with respect to other problems like tomato, butter, meat or sleeping on roofs

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