Tomatoes: the most political vegetables

The good news is that tomato prices which had started to sky rocket, finally have conceded. We have strongly concluded that tomatoes are very political and also that they belong to GOP, not only because of their red colours, but also because of the way they behave.

We once reported on how tomato paste prices in Iran were influenced by Trump’s decisions. This time, it seems that tomatoes were trying to support Trump campaign as well. Until few days before the election, one kilogram of tomato reached 250,000 rials, i.e. 1 USD.

At first, one dollar for a kilo of tomatoes may not sound really expensive. But considering that the average annual income for an urban household in Iran is about 2,164 USD, then “bread-cheese-tomato” could become a luxury dish for some Iranians.

Although after Biden’s win, tomatoes still did concede to drop in prices, eventually, they understood that if they don’t give up, they may risk to become “ketchup”.

As more states confirmed the election results, tomato prices started to fall, avoiding to be smashed, something that the US President has not yet done. Currently one kilogram of it costs 70,000 rials.

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