Omid Investment Management Group Co.

Omid Investment Management Group Company (OIMGC), founded in 2001, is focused on steel, cement, oil and gas, financial services, real estate and petrochemical industries. In 2007, OIMGC became a public stock joint listed in Tehran Stock Exchange.

In 2015, OIMGC’s registered capital was 850 million USD and it had 30,000 billion shares with a market value of  1.9 billion dollars. However, the total value of its listed and unlisted companies in 2015, was estimated at 2.1 billion USD.

Company Profile
CEO: Mr. Ali Askari
Year of foundation: 2001
Number of employees: 32
Market Capitalization: 69,300 billion IRR (Febrauary 2018)
Symbol at TSE: OIMC
Floated shares: 6%
Total Revenue : 12,843,349 million IRR (2016)

350 million USD1

Net Profit: 12,793,204 million IRR
Main Shareholders Percentage
Sepah Bank 70.43%
Banks Pension Fund 16.66%
Social Investment Fund 4.71%
Others 8.2%
Subsidiary companies: Ownership Percentage
Marjan Kar Co 62.12%
Omid Co. Holding 100%
Sepah Investment Company 66.29%
Liam Cement Co 47%
Golgohar Iron Ore Company 38%
Mineral and Industrial Company of Chadormelo 38%
Zarin Persia Co 99.99%
Goharan Omid Development in Investment Company 94.13%
Yazd Sofalin Co 62.91%
Omid Investment Bank 17.5%
Omid Sepah Exchange Co 27%
Khash Cement Co 19%
Sepah Bank Brokerage Co 70%
Sepah Construction Investment Company 99.9%
Saggar Refractory Parts 52%
Asia Nama CNG Cylinders Mfg. Group 99.84%
Hormozgan Cement Co 83.5%
Petro Omid Asia Co 99.9%
Ayandeh Andish Negar Co 70%
Sepah Investment Company 70%

1: Official exchange rate used on the date of publication; 1 USD equivalent to 37,091 IRR.