Startups to reduce traffic in Tehran

Donya-e-Eghtesad writes that Tehran municipality has introduced 32 start-ups which plan on reducing traffic and air pollution by reducing inner city travel by 10%. These start-ups are active in urban transportation, household shopping as well […]


Smuggling of automotive parts worth $1.5b

Taddol writes that the Secretary of the Automotive-Parts Manufacturers Association, Arash Mohebbinejad believes that illegal imports as well as the imbalance between automotive imports and parts imports can lead to 50% of part manufacturers shutting […]


Businesses halt due to USD crisis

Iran newspaper writes that the foreign currency crisis has caused many businesses to halt sales. The trend began with household appliance retailers which presented the excuse that due to limitations in supplying foreign currency, they […]


The turn over of IMIDRO’s assets

The Privatization Organization of Iran recently turned over 310 trillion IRRs ($7.4 billion) of IMIDRO (Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organization) assets. The CEO of IMIDRO, Mahdi Karbasian says that by March […]