Iranian provisions of hygienic masks vs coronavirus

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As the Coronavirus spread over Iran, the Government changes its policies for import of hygienic products. Iranian provisions of hygienic masks is focusing internal. All the country is mobilized to produce as many hygienic masks as possible. This is also valid for other disinfecting products.

In an urgent meeting, the Government approved that the import tariff for masks to be reduced to 5 percent from previously 55 percent.

International trade leverage

Additionally, government currently banned the export of raw materials for mask production. According to the Medical Equipment Producers’ Association, currently 800,000 of three-layered-masks are produced per day in the country, as well as 150 thousand filtered-masks. The idle production lines are going to be re-activated in the shortest time possible. Thus, the total daily capacity for mask production shall reach 1.5 million pieces by the next week.

Market supervision

The Government says that it closely will supervise the market of disinfecting products in order to keep prices as low as possible.

Many people, fearing about Coronavirus, rushed into pharmacies to buy such products and in many cases, it was reported that the price for masks and hygienic products have been racketed in big cities.