Big Companies give way to SME in Iran’s export

During the past four decades Iran’s export has more and more become dependent on big companies which normally are state-owned or quasi-state-owned.

However, since the return of the US sanctions two years ago, and following the devaluation or the Iranian Rial, more small and medium-sized companies started to export their products.

As a result, in the first half of the current Iranian year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade says that these small companies have exported goods worth 1.5 billion USD. Their main destinations have been neighboring countries. And the top three are Iraq (320 million USD), Afghanistan (216 million USD) and Pakistan (51 million USD).

Most Iran’s export by small producers are food, home-appliances, plastic and polymer products, carpet and leather bags and shoes.

Now the Ministry of Industry and Trade has signed a memorandum with Trade Promotion Organization of Iran in order to provide more support to these small businesses who wish to expand their sells to other countries.

According to the Ministry of Industry, despite all the economic difficulties, 80% of the total small manufacturers in industrial towns are currently active which count about 35,000 manufacturers.