Rising Market for Iranian Goods

Latest reports provided by Custom Administration of Iran shows that the list of top 20 destinations for Iranian goods have changed.

While a year ago, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Kuwait were among the top 20 customers for Iranian goods export, these countries during the past nine months, have been replaced by Armenia, Uzbekistan, Qatar and Ghana.

Iran exported 32 billion USD of non-petroleum products in the first three quarters of Iranian fiscal year.

In the meantime, Ghana which was never among the top destinations for Iranian goods export, have experienced a huge growth in what it now imports from Iran. Although, its share still remains around 0.5 percent of the total export of Iran, but the export to Ghana has been up by more than 3500 percent.

Despite these changes, the top three importers of Iranian goods remain the same; China with 24 percent of all Iranian non-petroleum export, Iraq with 22 percent and Turkey with 12.5 percent are the most prominent clients for Iran.