Surprising rise of TEDPIX

Incentives to make stock market more attractive

While all the stock exchange markets all over the world have panicked and lost value, interesting is that Tehran Stock Exchange has continued its growth during this week. This has happened despite all the bad news the country has been experiencing during the week. This rise of TEDPIX is one of the most surprising event in Iran’s capital market.

Even returning to the black list of FATF (Financial Action Task Force) did not scare the Iranian investors at the capital market. Neither Coronavirus pushed it back.

Profitable market

All in all, the market main index, TEDPIX, went up by 9 percent this week. Thus, the capital market in Iran became the most profitable market for the current fiscal year.

A further 6 percent growth will turn Tehran Stock Market to become three-folded during the past 12 months, returning 200 percent. The return in real estate market has been 20 percent during this period.