Mobin Petrochemical Co

Mobin Petrochemical Company (MPC), the largest centralized utilities in Iran, is located at the first phase of especial economic area in South Pars. It has five parts and is built in 88 hectares. MPC activities are production and distribution of electrical power and steam power, production and distribution of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and air services and instruments. It also produces and distributes fresh water, unsalted water, provides water services, cooling water and fire fighting water. MPC provides treatment of industrial waste water to the petrochemical plants in the area. Burning liquid and solid waste incinerators, taking gas reducing the pressure and distribute them between other petrochemical companies are among other services MPC provides.

Company Profile
CEO: Mr. Jamshid Sabzkar
Year of foundation: 2001
Number of employees: 662
Market Capitalization: 66,927 billion IRR (February 2018)
Symbol at TSE: MOBN
Floated shares: 17%
Total Revenue :  36,815,134 million IRR (2017)

990 million USD1

Net Profit: 11,569,512 million IRR
Main Shareholders2 Percentage
Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. 83.08%
Others 16.92%
Products & Process Unit  

Power & Steam


·         In this plant for electricity generating 8 set of Gas Turbines, each producing 123 MW.


·         8 set of Heat Recovery Steam Generators, each producing 330 Ton/h

·         3 Auxiliary Boiler, Each producing 75 Ton/h

Wastewater Treatment Incinerators

·         Wastewater Treatment Plant

All Industrial and Sanitary wastewater of Pet. Zone Treated by Physiochemical & Biological systems, have 3 Treatment Train each 160 m3/h with COD=1260 ppm.

·         Service Water


·         Rotary Kiln

For Solid wate, 86 Kg/h

·         Static Kiln

For Liquid waste, 6000 Kg/h

 Sea Water Intake Desalination


Supply cooling water in two method

·         Open loop (one through)

·         Close loop


Desalination Units

Supply Required Desal. Water for all purpose as DM water for steam production and every kind of water demand and process units in Petzone, By 6 sets of Multi Effect Desalination Units.

Each capacity: 312 m3/h

Industrial Water

Condensate Polishing Plant (CPP):

10 set Active Carbon Vessels, each 200 m3/h and 6 sets of Mixed Bed Vessels, each 340 m3/h.

DM Water Plant

7 set Mixed Bed Vessels for producing DM Water from Desal Water, each 330 m3/h

Potable Water

Capacity: 110 m3/h

Air Separation

This unit contain two main section:

·         Plant Air & Instrument Air

·         Air Separation

Including 4 Train of production:

·         Liquid Oxygen Product

·         Liquid Nitrogen Product

Subsidiary companies: Ownership Percentage
Mobin Petrochemical 89.21%
Arvnd Petrochemical 80%
Nouri Petrochemical 76.55%
Tondgouyan Petrochemical 75%
Bandar-e Imam Petrochemical 70%
Bou Ali Petrochemical 70%
Khuzestan Petrochemical 70%
Fajr Petrochemical 70%
Pars Petrochemical 60%
Intertational NPC 100%
Rah Avaran Petrochemical 100%
PazargadPIDMCO 100%
non-industrial operations 100%
Petrochemical Industries Development Management 100%
Petrochemical Commercial Co. (PCC) 44.99%
Bid-boland Gas Refinery 80%
Hengam Petrochemical 97.43%
Hormoz Petrochemical 99%

1: Official exchange rate used on the date of publication; 1 USD equivalent to 36,670 IRR.

2: Only shareholders with more than 5% of shares are specifically named.