Iranian Investment Petrochemical Group Company

Iranian Investment Petrochemical Group Company (IIPGC) is an investment holding company, founded in 2011, specializing in the petrochemical industry. IIPGC aims to become a major market player, by acquiring a 20% share in all of Iran’s petrochemical companies and marketing 40% of their products by 2025-26.

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, IIPGC has already invested heavily in various listed companies at Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and has established a number of subsidiary companies. Although a majority of such companies are currently engaged in constructing their complexes and are not operational yet, many of them expect to launch their projects in the next two years and once they do, IIPGC is expected to enjoy substantial returns.

IIPGC is permitted to invest in shares and in investment funds or bonds with voting rights (with the objective of acquiring control in the investee company, institute or fund – whether Iranian or otherwise), which are involved in the following tasks:

  • Manufacturing various types of petrochemical and chemical and by-products which are obtained from hydrocarbons or natural gases.
  • Procuring the required machineries and raw material for its subsidiaries from domestic or foreign suppliers.
  • Engaging in detailed designs and engineering services relating to the projects of its subsidiaries.
  • Purchasing or manufacturing machineries required by the subsidiaries and other parties (legal entities or natural persons) which are engaged in manufacturing various types of petrochemical and chemical and by-products which are obtained from hydrocarbons or natural gases.
  • Transporting, warehousing, marketing and distributing the products of its subsidiaries.
  • Carrying out research and economic, commercial, technical, technological and feasibility studies, transferring know-how and technologies in the field of production and trade. For the purpose of developing technical know-how of its subsidiaries as well as other parties.
  • Providing funding for subsidiaries from own resources or obtaining finance and the required collateral for subsidiaries
  • Drafting overall strategic and management policies which are to be adopted in administering its subsidiaries and formulating the same policies which are to be complied by the subsidiaries.
  • Obtaining and renting assets, investing and establishing various types of companies, whose scope of operations fall within the framework of IIPGC’s scope of activity. These companies may be in partnership with other parties or institutes.
  • Identifying lucrative investment opportunities.
  • Providing technical, management and financial services to its subsidiaries.
Company Profile
CEO: Mr. Abolhasan Seyed Khamoushi
Year of foundation: 2011
Number of employees: N/A
Market Capitalization: 28,060 billion IRR (February 2018)
Symbol at TSE: IPTR
Floated shares: 12%
Total Revenue : 2,069,673 million IRR (2017)

55 million USD1

Net Profit: 1,933,077 million IRR
Main Shareholders2 Percentage
Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co 65.23%
Mehr Ayandegan Financial Development Group Co 7.10%
Modabberan Eghtesad Co 5.23%
Faraz Sepehr Designers Co 3.33%
Mobin Petrochemical 2.85%
Iranian Petrochemical Group Capital Development Management 2.63%
Others 13.63%
Main Products
Kazeroon Petrochemical
Broujen Petrochemical
Ilam Petrochemical
Gachsaran Petrochemical
Mamasani Petrochemical
Sadaf Petrochemical
Uroumiyeh Petrochemical
Dehdasht Petrochemical

1: Official exchange rate used on the date of publication; 1 USD equivalent to 37,091 IRR.