30% fall in goods transit through Iran

Goods transit in Iran over the past fiscal year has dropped significantly. According to a report by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, in 1397 (i.e. March 2018-19) 10.5 million tons of goods were transited over the Iranian routs. However, this figure for the year 1398 (i.e. March 2019-20) has dropped by 30% and reached 7 million tonnes.

The Ministry expects that if the organisations involved (their number seems to be 24!) would not do anything, the country’s income from transit of goods will drop further. Another risk is that as the legal transit falls, the smuggling of goods increases.

Energy Minister of Iran says that the total cost to produce one cubic-meter of drinkable water in Iran is 25,000 rials, where the subscribers pay only 7000 rials for it. The rest is the subsidies that the government assigns to it.

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