Iran Economy in Brief – No. 35

Self-Sufficiency at Wheat Production: worth the Price?

Ministry of Agriculture of Iran is happy that once again, the country has reached self-sufficiency in wheat production. This result was achieved once in 2006.
Thanks to more rain fall this year and some improvements in agricultural management, more than 11 million tonnes of wheat is expected to be harvested in the current season. The government will buy the grain from the farmers, paying 130000 billion IRR, equivalent to $4.2 billion at the official exchange rate.
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 Two reports and a huge difference

A report by the Centre of Statistics of Iran in April 2016 showed that the unemployment rate is 11%; the report gave a number for the unemployed: 2.7 million people.
Last week, Deputy Minister of the Cooperative Labour and Social Welfare, said there are 6 to 7 million people unemployed in the country, 30% are young and 4 million are poorly educated or skilled.
This is not the first time that statistical reports do not match in Iran.