What Do Iranians Eat?

According to a study by FAO, Iranians eats rice seven-times more than Europeans. We also eat three-times more bread than our European friends. Annual wheat and rice consumption per capita in Iran are 177 Kg […]


A prosperous year for Iranian tea cultivators

  This spring time, the weather has been favorable for farmers, in particular for tea plantations. Lots of rain is the best news for them. The firs harvest period of tea in the north of […]


Exchange Rates Will Emerge?

There are two exchange rates used in Iran: official rate, 1 USD equal to 30,449 IRR, and market price, 1 USD to 34710 IRR, making the current gap to be 13.9%, almost 3 percentage-points less […]

Week in Brief

Iran Economy in Brief – No. 23

  Banks Must Do Banking Financing remains one of the biggest obstacles for Iranian businesses, particularly for SMEs. Low efficiency in financing system causes the cost of credit provided from banks to be much higher […]

Week in Brief

Iran Economy in Brief – No. 22

Railways: Safe and Sound “Currently there are 10,500 km railways in Iran, but the country needs to add 9000 km”, said Mr. Pouraghaii, Vice Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, at the inauguration […]


Üppige Rendite bei beachtlichem Risiko

Download PDF  here: Handelsblatt_2016-05-09 Iran will Schulden bei Banken und Unternehmen abbauen und setzt daher verstärkt auf Islambonds. Handelsblatt, 9. Mai 2016 Der iranische Staat ist hoch verschuldet. Kürzlich hat ein Bericht des Wirtschafts- und Finanzministeriums […]

Success Stories

100 Years Success: combination of hard work and innovation

  Soon after lifting sanctions, Danieli & C, a leading company in Steel Industry, announced investment of $5.7 billion in Iran Steel and Aluminium Industry. Italy is no doubt proud of presenting itself with Danieli […]