Who are the most unemployed graduates in Iran?

According to the latest statistics of unemployment rate in Iran, Kermanshah Province with 20.6% and Markazi Province with 6.7% were ranked as the most and least unemployed provinces of the country.

From the total 12.7% unemployment rate until Summer 2016 in Iran, youngsters between 20 to 24-year-old form the largest portion.

Although, many young Iranians hold university degrees but the gap between the skills they develop during their education and the market requirements, makes it difficult to be hired in their field of study.

Ministry of Labor has says that, among the graduates of different majors, IT graduates have the highest unemployment numbers. “The cause of this, was that the level of expertise among graduates does not meet the demands of the job market”, said Eesa Mansouri, The Deputy of Employment and Entrepreneurial Development at the Ministry of Labor.

“To close this gab, teachings in this field need to become appropriate to the skills required in the job market”, continued Mr Mansouri, stressing the need to increase the skill level of IT students.

To this end, the Ministries of Labor and Communications (ICT) have started a joint project to create employment for IT graduates: The Ministry of Communication is currently focused on infrastructure development; based on the joint-plan, in order to create more value, content development will also be placed in focus.

As a result, the Ministry of Labor has announced the creation of 100 thousand job opportunities in Kordestan, Yazd, Mazandaran and Khuzestan provinces. The two ministries predict that the creation of 120 thousand jobs will be possible in the next Iranian fiscal year, starting from March 21, 2017.

One of undertaken tasks was the creation of a “game institute” in Kordestan. “The first product of this institute is a game titled “Chauffer” which has sold well in European and Asian countries”, concluded Mr Mansouri.


Source: Statistical Centre of Iran