Pars Khodro

Pars Khodro is an Iranian automobile manufacturer. Established in 1956, it was the first manufacturer of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in Iran. Formerly it was known as Iran Auto Making Company and changed its name to Pars Khodro in 1980. Pars Khodro is a subsidiary of Saipa Group; it manufactures and sells cars primarily in Iran and provides after-sales services.

Pars Khodro builds Renault and Nissan models under license.

Nissan models include the Maxima, Roniz, Teana, Patrol, and Safari. Pars Khodro’s cars complement SAIPA’s range of Kia and Renault licensed models. Since 2006, Pars Khodro has begun manufacturing the Dacia Logan and Renault Megane under license. At the moment, only the Dacia Sandero, Dacia Logan, Brilliance H220, H230, H320, and H330 are being sold.

Company Profile
CEO: Mr. Naser Agha Mohmmadi
Year of foundation: 1956
Number of employees: 6909
Market Capitalization: 19,403.118 billion IRR (March 2018)
Symbol at TSE: PKOD
Floated shares: 16%
Total Revenue : 43,339,540 million IRR (2017)

1,155.75 million USD1

Net Profit: 241,904 million IRR
Main Shareholders2 Percentage
Saipa Company 47.25%
Nivan Investment Company 31.7%
Rana Investment Company 5.41%
Others 15.64%
Main Products
Brilliance: Brilliance H330
Brilliance H320
Brilliance H230
Brilliance H220
Brilliace cross
Renault: Pars Tondar
Tondar 90
Sandero Stepway
New Pickup
Jin B: Van Haise

Company History


  • Establishment of Jeep Trading Co.
  • Import and Sales of American ‘Wheels Jeep’  and relevant spare parts
  • Instruction of a plant in 9th km of Tehran-Karaj Special Road
  • Assembly line for ‘Jeep Shahbaz’
  • Production and sales of ‘Jeep ‘Shahbaz’ and ‘Simorgh Pickup’


  • Competition among domestic auto makers (Iran Khodro & Saipa)
  • The simultaneous increase in Pars Khodro product portfolio & market share
  • Initiating the production of ‘Rambler’ American brand by the names of ‘Arya’ and ‘Shahin’
  • Initiating the production of two differential vehicle known as ‘Aho Pickup’ and ‘Shahbaz Jeep’
  • Administrating the Developmental, Industrial and civil projects
  • Entering the field of Luxury cars production


  • Industrial co-operations of GM as a shareholder
  • Renaming Jeep co-investor Co. to ‘Iran GM’
  • Launching new products :’Chevrolet Iran’ (Opel), ‘Chevrolet Pickup’, ‘Chevrolet Nova’, ‘Buick Sky Lark’, and ‘Cadillac Civil’
  • Focus on high Quality Products and Customers satisfaction
  • Remarkable Increase in Productions volume


  • Renaming General Motors Iran to ‘Iran Auto Making Co.’ & Transferring the Shares of General Motors Iran
  • Renaming to ‘Pars Khodro Co.’
  • Crisis in supply of CKD parts and materials
  • Initiation of co-operations with Mahindra Jeep of India for the production of Tosan Jeep


  • Initiating the Production of Spanish Land Rover
  • Productions halt for Jeep Shahbaz, Jeep Ambulance, Jeep Aho Station, and Simorgh Pickup.
  • Restarting the production of Chevrolet Iran and Chevrolet Nova, Buick Sky Lark, and Cadillac Civil


  • Initiation of co-operations with Nissan Japan for improving technology and receiving Technical Engineering Services
  • Additional options of Army equipment to Jeep
  • Increasing the variety range of products portfolios
  • Launching the production lines of new products including Nissan Patrol with variety of models (Van, Hard Top, Ambulance)


  • Initiating the production of Jeep Sahra
  • Adding New Nissan product of New Pickup (for Money transportations and other purposes) to the variety of product portfolio
  • Instruction of subway tunnel for jointing the North & South Sites plants.


  • Transferring Renault 5 production line from Saipa to Pars Khodro
  • Administration of civil, developmental, and production projects
  • Constructing Centralized Paint Shop
  • Start of Renault production by the name of ‘Sepand II’


  • Saipa Purchasing 51% of Pars Khodro shares in Tehran Stock Market.
  • Transferring Pride production line from Saipa to Pars Khodro for meeting customers satisfaction and requirements for increasing the production volumes
  • Selection of Pars Khodro as the exemplary exporter in 2001
  • Production of PK, Nissan Patrol Safari and Seranza
  • Production of Pride 141 & New PK
  • Initiating the new products of Nissan brand including Maxima, Pickup, and D22 Wagon (Roniz).
  • Benchmarking of Nissan production system (Nissan Production Way)


  • Improving and increasing the production lines capacity and administration of Research and improvement projects
  • Improving the quality of products and the receipt of international certifications in quality, security, hygiene, environment, and etc.
  • Construction of cars body and assembly of Renault new products by meeting the latest car manufacturing international standards
  • Purchase of Zagros Khodro Co. by Pars Khodro Co. and transferring Pickup & Roniz production lines from PK to Zagros Khodro.
  • Initiating the production of Renaults France new cars including Megane and Logan (by the trading name of Tondar90).
  • Benchmarking of Renault production system (Renault Production Way)
  • Production of Nissan new cars including Teana and Qashqai
  • Adding New Murano (CBU) to the variety range of products portfolios
  • Receiving national presents and certificates in research and Excellency of organization (EFQM).

1: Official exchange rate used on the date of publication; 1 USD equivalent to 37,499 IRR.

2: Only shareholders with more than 5% of shares are specifically named.