Week in Brief 01.06.2018

A week ago, Citroen offered its C3 model manufactured in Iran. Amid extensive stagnation at various markets in Iran, 2000 cars were sold in few minutes to be delivered in six months. Previously, Peugeot pre-sold 16000 units of 2008 model in few hours and has recently started to deliver them.

After a successful pre-sale of 4000 units of Renault Sandero Stepway model, the PSA rival in Iran, pre-sold 5500 cars in one hour. Stagnation means nothing for French automakers in Iran. Little wonder that the French carmakers have announced not to change their strategy in Iran despite the exit of the US from the nuclear deal.

French companies are using their knowledge about the Iranian market to make further profit out of it. After tightening the regulations on buying foreign currencies, now some people look foreign cars, particularly Europeans, as a way of investment.

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