Quality of automobiles in Iran?

Abrar Eghtesadi wrote an article detailing the questions asked by the members of parliament from auto manufacturers: How long do they need to manufacture a quality automobile? The article quotes Hamidreza Fooladgar, Member of the Parliaments Commission for Industries as saying that the price of automobiles is not reflective of their quality. Mr. Fooladgar said that for years, the Government has used tariffs to support domestic automakers, yet everyday people are less satisfied with quality of domestic automobiles. He believes cooperation with world famous automakers depends on long-term policies, otherwise we should expect the same results. If we have the capacity to domestically manufacture missiles, why can’t we produce a quality automobile? Malpractice in the automotive industry, the 20% share of the public sector in the automotive industry and lack of private management are reasons for the stagnation of the automotive industry.