Export of saffron in Iran gets back on normal track

export of saffron in Iran returns to normal

Since for weeks we brought you some worrying news, we thought to focus a little bit on the achievements, like the export of saffron during the three months of Spring.

To this end, we rely on Iran Customs Administration (ICA) and since they have published their quarterly reports, we have decided to use them.

Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, it seems that the export of saffron, the so called “red gold”, has been possible. 37.5 tones of saffron has been exported to more than 52 countries in the past three months, announces the ICA. The total value of the exported saffron has been 38.7 million USD and the three top destinations have been: Hong Kong (34%), Spain (24%) and United Arab Emirates (9%).

Few weeks ago, following the restriction imposed on international trade due to Covid-19, the price of saffron dropped significantly in Iran. However, as some routes reopened, the prices edged up again. Last year, in an extraordinary harvest, the production of saffron reached 500 tones, nearly 40% above the average annual production.

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