Renault sales

Leaving Iran lowers sales for Renault

Leaving the Iranian market had its costs for Renault. As the French automaker announces its sales for the third quarter of 2019, considerable decrease can be seen in the Middle East figures. Renault Group revenue […]

tomato paste

Trump, Tomato Paste and Iranian Policies

After the sharp devaluation of Rial after the return of the US sanctions on Iran, many Iranian goods, particularly food, become very cheap for the neighboring countries. Several buyers from Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and other […]


600m USD: Iraq’s debt to Iranian constructors

According to the International Consultants and Contractors Association of Iran (ICCA), there are 40 Iranian construction companies working in Iraq who despite all difficulties and limitations in competition with other nationalities try to keep their […]


Mines around Tehran; in risk of recession

Tehran has 280 active mines which annually mines 28 million tons of various minerals. Most of these minerals mined around Tehran are materials used in construction such as lime, rubble trench and gravel. Mines in […]