Iran’s economy must head towards SMEs

The President of Iran Export Confederation believes that in order to increase cooperation with European Countries, Iran’s economy must head towards small and medium-sized private companies. Mr. Lahouti stated that the truly private sector has […]


Price bubble at the automotive market: 30%

Automobiles have experienced a significant price hike in recent months in Iran. However, experts believe that due to low production costs, domestic automobiles should indeed be priced much lower. Ghanoon daily writes that Iranian made […]


30% increase in the price of pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical market is experiencing turbulence out of fear of returning US sanctions. Shahrvand newspaper writes about the 30% increase in the price of certain pharmaceuticals, that is if you are able to find the […]


Power outages lead to massive losses for industries

Although unannounced power outages cause inconveniences for households, they lead to massive losses for manufacturers and industries. Taadol newspaper highlights the losses suffered by workshops located in industrial towns. The losses are the greatest for […]


Week in Brief 06.07.2018

The Central Bank of Iran has released a list of businesses which have received US dollars at the 42000 IRR per USD currency exchange rate. The list was published after numerous companies received foreign currency […]

Financial Sector

Indian Investments in Chabahar Port Will Continue

In order to persuade India to stop buying oil from Iran, the US has reached an agreement allowing India to invest in Iran’s Chabahar port project. At the same time, China has leased Pakistan’s Gwadar […]