15% of global plastic waste produced in Iran

In spite of having 1% of global population, Iran is responsible for 15% of global plastic waste, writes Shahrvand. The use of plastic is on the rise among Iranians from using plastic table cloths and […]


Water crisis affects listed companies

Water shortages have caused worry for companies in the Bourse. Almost half of the companies in the Bourse are located in the center of the country which is faced with severe water shortages. During the […]


Tabriz looking to resume its ties with Germany

In a meeting with a German Commercial Delegation visiting the city of Tabriz, the Chairman of the Tabriz Chamber of Commerce, Samad Hassanzadeh, mentioned Tabriz as the Capital of Tourism in Islamic Countries in the […]


An expensive solution to resurrect Lake Urmia

In spite of opposition from experts, the government plans to import water from Turkey’s Lake Van in order to resurrect Lake Urmia. Located in north-west of Iran, Urmia Lake was the largest salt-water lake in […]


Deep water project in Sistan Province

Shargh writes that in spite of objections from the Department of Environment, the study phase for the deep well project in Sistan and Baluchistan Province is to start in the beginning of the next Iranian […]


10% of carwashes use drinking water

This week, Shahrvand newspaper has published reports on the water shortage. In a report, Shahrvand writes that 10% of carwashes is Tehran use drinking water to wash cars. The daily water consumption of these carwashes […]


Khuzestan cannot breathe

Bloomberg nominates Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzstan province in south-western region of Iran to be among the most polluted cities in the world. Sever dust storm over this week caused the schools and offices to […]


32 missing after collision off China’s coast

Reuters reported that The Sanchi, an Iranian oil tanker, collided with the Chinese freight ship 160 nautical miles off the coast near Shanghai and the mouth of the Yangtze River Delta on Saturday evening, leaving […]


Farming abroad: a solution to manage water consumtion

Iran Newspaper reports Mahmoud Hojjati, Minister of Agriculture as saying that Iran has one million hectares of land under farming in other countries. Negotiations are underway to increase this to 2.5 million hectares. Due to […]