Railway: most efficient means for Post Company

National Post Company of Iran says that railway is the most efficient transport means for shipping parcels. It is also the cleanest method. On average sending one kilogram via railway costs 3,000 rials, while shipping 1 kg via road or air costs 9,000 or 15,000 rials respectively.
Behzad Eghbalkhah, Board Member of National Post Company, says that the shipment of large goods, such as home-appliances via Post Company have been stopped since March 2019. This decision has enabled the Post to use its space more efficiently and therefore has increased the volume of shipped parcels by 47 percent in this period.
Currently one of the biggest challenges for the Post Company is to upgrade its motorbike fleet. There are 4700 motorbikes used for delivery of parcels over the country, out of which 2150 are extremely old and must be replaced. The Post Company says that it has recently reached an agreement with a local manufacturer to replace them with newer ones.