10% of carwashes use drinking water

This week, Shahrvand newspaper has published reports on the water shortage. In a report, Shahrvand writes that 10% of carwashes is Tehran use drinking water to wash cars. The daily water consumption of these carwashes is estimated at 20 to 50 m3; this means an annual water consumption of 400 thousand cubic meters under the most conservative estimates which is equivalent to the annual water consumption of 5600 people. There are 320 operational carwashes in Tehran of which only 25% are licensed. Alireza Raiisi, Head of the Auto Service Union says that 80% of carwashes have wastewater purification systems. Despite this the main problem is that customers are not interested in new technologies such as waterless nano car washing systems.

In a separate report, Shahrvand writes that ever since the water and electricity of mosques has become free, their consumption has increased by 70%. The parliament is currently seeking to make utilities free for schools which will surely add to the problems of the energy industry in the country. Mohammadreza Bakhtiari, CEO of Tehran Water Company said: “The average cost of producing each cubic meter of pure water is 10,000 IRRs (0.27 USD). However, this water is then sold to Tehran Water and Sewage Company for 600 IRRs per cubic meter. This is then sold to customers for 4000 IRRs per cubic meter.” Meaning the government is only charging people for 20% of its water costs. Under these conditions offering free utilities to schools will further damage the government’s income.