More than 50% of dams filled up in 35 days

water shortage

At the end of every summer, Iranians start to ask whether they will face water shortages the next summer or not.
The water-year in Iran start on September 21. The records provided by the Water Resources Management of Iran (WRMI) shows that in only 35 days from the current water-year, the rain-fall have been 53 percent more than the 50-year average.
In this period the rain fall in the main six basins have been 15.4 millimeters. However, this figure is 16 percent less than the falls in the past year.
In this regard, the two basins in the east and central Iran have registered the biggest growth, while the falls at Persian Gulf, Oman Sea, Caspian Sea and Urmia Lake have experienced less rain-fall with respect to a year ago.
The water accumulated at dams have been estimated around 26.5 billion cubic-meters which shows that 52 percent of the total capacities have been filled.