Markets in Brief 23.02.2018

Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) declined for three consecutive days from the beginning of the week. However, following the news of the upcoming offer of iron ore at Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME), the two largest iron […]


Bank Mellat

Bank Mellat is one of the largest Iranian private banks. Its name means Bank of Nation. It was established in 1980 by merger of ten private banks. In 2009, Bank Mellat became listed in Tehran […]

International News Review

France reaffirms its commitment to Iran’s deal

Reuters reports that although the United States is trying to convince its European allies to revise the nuclear deal with Iran, but France has reaffirmed its commitment to the global deal. “The French position on […]

International News Review

Iran’s Leader apologizes for being behind in justice

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, acknowledges the recent discontent in the country and apologizes on behalf of the Islamic Republic for little progress in justice, reports Bloomberg. The Islamic Republic has known progress in the […]

National News Review

Large Chahar Suq of Tehran Bazzar reconstructed

The reconstruction of Large Chahar Suq Square at the Tehran Bazaar has been carried out by Iranian and German repairers. Akhbar Sanaat writes that the German Ambassador to Iran, Michael Klor-Berchtold, was present during the […]


India invests in Iran using Rupees

The Iranian President’s visit to India was among the most important events of the week. India reversed a law which had previously only benefited investors in Bhutan and Nepal, allowing Indian investors to use rupees […]