Mobin Petrochemical Co

Mobin Petrochemical Company (MPC), the largest centralized utilities in Iran, is located at the first phase of especial economic area in South Pars. It has five parts and is built in 88 hectares. MPC activities […]


Week in Brief 16.02.2018

Devaluation of Iranian Rial and the fluctuations in Forex market have become the daily, even hourly, topic. On Tuesday, the Police stopped some foreign currencies’ speculators. The Central Bank of Iran said that every evening […]

Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 16.02.2018

Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) started the week with a 0.2 percent fall in its overall index, TEPIX, however within the four days of trade TSE recovered its fall and eventually on Wednesday, TEPIX reached 98,348 […]