Who is Tehran’s new mayor?

Mohammadali Najafi was assigned as the Mayor of Tehran by official decree of the Ministry of Interior. Mr. Najafi is one of an experienced manager in post-revolution Iran. In 1981 and at 30 years of age, he was selected as the Minister of Culture and Education. After that he held numerous positions and in the 2009 presidential elections, he was one of the chief advisors for Mehdi Karoubi. He has also previously held the position of President of the Planning and Budget Organization.

Previously, Mohammadbagher Ghalibaf, supported by Conservative Party, held the position of Mayor of Tehran for 12 years. In the City Council elections which were held alongside the Presidential Elections in May 2017, only one Conservative candidate, Mehdi Chamran, was elected to the City Council. This finalized the end of Mr. Ghalibaf’s time as the Mayor of Tehran.

Due to its subsidiaries, Tehran Municipality is doubly important. A large number of media outlets function under the Municipality’s control. Hamshahri newspaper, once the most widely read newspapers in Iran, is now in the hands of Reformists to be used for propagating their views and ideas.

Shahr Bank is another institute which has given value to Tehran Municipality. The bank was established in 2010 by Mr. Ghalibaf. The Majority shareholders are municipalities, municipality employees and private citizens. There are numerous other organizations functioning under Tehran Municipality including: Tehran Municipality Inspection Organization, Sports and Fitness Organization, Behesht Zahra Organization (Cemetery of Tehran), Renovation Organization, Fruit and Vegetable Markets Organizations, Tehran Municipality Real Estate Organization and the Arts and Culture Organization.