11% of country’s apartments are unoccupied

According to the Ministry of Finance, 11% of the country’s apartments (2.6 million units) are empty out of which 500 thousand are located in Tehran. A decade ago, only 4.2% of residential hoses were empty […]

National News Review

20 thousands deaths due to air pollution

Shahrvand writes that the annual use of 55 million cigarettes causes 57 thousand related deaths. Alireza Reisi, Deputy Minister of Health, said that the low retail tax on cigarettes cost the country’s healthcare system 200 […]


How does the next year budget look like?

On Sunday, Hassan Rouhani presented his proposed budget bill for the following year to the Parliament. The budget had grown by 6.1% compared to the previous year. Donya-e-Eghtesad writes that the public sources of the […]

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Iran Economy in Brief – No. 81

Football League to pay $53m tax The Iranian Football League Organization released a statement announcing its bank accounts have been frozen due to tax debt. Based on the report from the Tax Organization, The Iranian […]


Unoccupied apartments are due taxation

Owners of unoccupied housing units will be required to pay taxes, based on the new direct taxation law. The Ministry of Roads and Urbanization has set up an online platform to collect taxes from empty […]

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Iran Economy in Brief – No.66

Danieli Persia starts operation Danieli Persia, the Iranian manufacturing company of Danieli & Co (the sponsor of “Iran Economy in Brief” newsletter) was inaugurated in Alborz Province on Tuesday. Minister of Trade and Industry, Mohammadreza […]

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Iran Economy in Brief – No. 48

Iran sells gas-stations Following the privatization policies and plans in Iran, the National Oil Company of Iran has named 40 gas-stations in fifteen provinces for auction. Private companies could buy these gas-stations in a leasing […]