Iran Economy in Brief – No. 81

Football League to pay $53m tax

The Iranian Football League Organization released a statement announcing its bank accounts have been frozen due to tax debt. Based on the report from the Tax Organization, The Iranian Football League Organization owes 450 billion IRR ($13.6m) in taxes and 1310 billion IRR ($39.5m) in late fee fines.

The Head of the Tehran Tax Department, Mohammadreza Nouri said: “Since 1999 when the value added tax law was executed, the Football League Organization should have handed in its tax forms to the Tax Organization. However, since then, no documents have been received from the League Organization. The finalized tax sheets for the League Organization were issued in April 2017; yet so far, The League Organization has made no attempts to pay its debt.”

The Iranian League Organization has announced: “In this Organizations tax case, the organizations income of 3300 IRR million has been mistakenly calculated as 3300 billion IRR.”

Tehran’s traffic among global worst

In terms of traffic commute time index, Tehran ranks among the 10 worst ranked cities in 2017 which is due to improper development of the transportation network. In its latest rankings, the international data analysis agency “Numbeo” has ranked Iran as worst among 58 countries in terms of “time spent during commute”. Average urban trip in Tehran takes nearly an hour. Low fuel prices encourage citizens to use their own cars leading to daily heavy traffic.

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Who is Tehran’s new mayor?

Mohammadali Najafi was assigned as the Mayor of Tehran by official decree of the Ministry of Interior. Mr. Najafi is one of an experienced manager in post-revolution Iran. In 1981 and at 30 years of age, he was selected as the Minister of Culture and Education.

Previously, Mohammadbagher Ghalibaf, supported by Conservative Party, held the position of Mayor of Tehran for 12 years. Due to its subsidiaries, Tehran Municipality is doubly important.

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Removing Iranian Apps from App Store

Following new sanctions set by the United States, Apple has removed Iranian applications from its App Store. Apple’s actions have caused anger among Iranian users and in retaliation they seek to ban apple products.

Apple does not have an official retailer in Iran. However, they control 11% of the smartphone market. Although the average household income in Iran is around 600 Euros, so far 6 million Apple phones, sometimes with prices in excess of 850 US-Dollars, have been sold in Iran. Mohammadjavad Azari Jahromi, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, responded to this news in a tweet: “Respecting consumer rights is a basic principle today, we will legally pursue the removal of Iranian apps.”