Export to Iraq and Afghanistan will become easier

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will relax regulations for export to Iraq and Afghanistan, the two main destinations for Iranian goods. Following the rising exchange rate over the last months, the government has set […]


More than 20 thousand cars stuck at customs

The Iranian auto market is passing one its worst periods. Not only productions are under threat due to the return of US sanctions on auto-part manufacturers, but also imported cars struggle to be delivered to […]


Afghanistan bans importing goods from Iran

Fearing from the US sanctions, Afghanistan bans imports of four category of goods from Iran, targeting mainly metal and petrochemical products. After the imposition of the new round of sanctions against Iran by the US, […]


Unlicensed builders wont get loans anymore

Unlicensed builders will no longer be able to receive construction loans by 2021. One of the problems in the Iranian housing market over the past year has been the reduction of available houses resulting from […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 13.09.2018

With the return of the US sanctions against Iran, Europe activated the blocking regulations to support those European companies who wish to retain their business relation with Iranian partners. However, as it was already expected, […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 07.09.2018

Shortage in diapers was the hottest topic of the week. Several families rushed to supermarkets to buy their need for the next months, fearing that the diapers manufacturers will soon run out of production. There […]


China: a new market for handwoven Iranian carpets

For exquisite and luxurious handwoven Iranian carpets, the Chinese market has great demand. However, these potentials have been underestimated for many years, claims the Head of the Iran Confederation of Exports, Mohammad Lahouti. “The US market […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 31.08.2018

5000 bicycles are now available for renting in four districts of Tehran downtown, encouraging residents to ride green. Bike-sharing is relatively new in Tehran. Previously, Tehran Municipality offered free of charge renting bikes next to […]