Iran’s economy must head towards SMEs

The President of Iran Export Confederation believes that in order to increase cooperation with European Countries, Iran’s economy must head towards small and medium-sized private companies. Mr. Lahouti stated that the truly private sector has […]


Tehran offers oil cargo insurance to India

In order to keep its oil clients in Asia, Iran has started to offer cargo insurance to India, reports Reuters. Iran’s key market for oil located in Asia is under threat as the U.S. sanctions […]


Week in Brief 06.07.2018

The Central Bank of Iran has released a list of businesses which have received US dollars at the 42000 IRR per USD currency exchange rate. The list was published after numerous companies received foreign currency […]


15% of global plastic waste produced in Iran

In spite of having 1% of global population, Iran is responsible for 15% of global plastic waste, writes Shahrvand. The use of plastic is on the rise among Iranians from using plastic table cloths and […]


Waterless Carwash in Tehran Grabs Attentions

An Iranian waterless carwash startup which washes vehicles on the spot has thought of a novel idea to attract customers. Rain warranty, meaning that if it rains, up to 24 hours after having your car […]

National News Review

Renting apartments in dollars are illegal

Shahrvand has written an article on houses in the capital, Tehran, being rented for US dollars. The majority of these houses are located in the north of quartier of the city. “Any dealing between Iranians […]


Week in Brief 01.06.2018

A week ago, Citroen offered its C3 model manufactured in Iran. Amid extensive stagnation at various markets in Iran, 2000 cars were sold in few minutes to be delivered in six months. Previously, Peugeot pre-sold […]