Iran foreign investments to help bypassing sanctions

Although Iran foreign investments can help to bypass US sanctions but the rout is not smooth. Sputnik news agency writes that the USA is following such activities and tries to block them whenever it can.

For instance, Iran Investment Fund lost access to dividend payments from a Namibian uranium mine in which it owned a 15 percent stake in 2010 on the grounds that Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto feared the production could wind up helping Iran’s nuclear program.

Another setback came from the US reinstituting a ban on selling Iran airplanes last month, which blocked its ability to purchase planes from a Brazilian Thyssenkrupp plant in which the FIC owned a 40 percent stake, as lists Sputnik Int.

However, hopes are high for Iranians who want to fight the sanctions. Asia Times reported a recent visit of a business delegation from Iran to Syria to discuss the possibilities for post-war reconstructions.

Iran is trying to use all its capacities to combat the sanctions and hopes to be able to use what other powers like China, Russia and Europe can offer her.

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