Renting apartments in dollars are illegal

Shahrvand has written an article on houses in the capital, Tehran, being rented for US dollars. The majority of these houses are located in the north of quartier of the city.

“Any dealing between Iranians using foreign currency is illegal. Owners who provide goods and services to Iranians using foreign currency will be sent to court”, said Ali Fazeli, Head of Iran Chamber of Guilds.

The article however points to numerous luxury apartments equipped with saunas, roof gardens, etc. where the owners are only willing to lease the apartments in return for dollars.

A 140 m2 apartment in Tajrish for 3500 dollars a month, a 90 m2 apartment in Gholhak zone for 1300 dollars a month, a 190 m2 apartment in Jordan Street for 3600 dollars a month, etc.

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