Packaging: a main drive for rising price of eggs in Iran

Although the price of eggs in Iran has risen by 40 – 45% last week, producers are more worried about the provision of boxes for packaging.

While previously the fall in production caused the rise in prices, now the new concern is the shortage of packaging material to supply eggs to the market.

930 tons of eggs are annually produced in Iran and the country is self-reliant in their production. However, with the spread of severe avian flu last year, 25 million egg laying hens were eliminated across 20 provinces.

Avian flue doubled the price of eggs; the price of a single egg rose from around 3000 to 4000 rials to 7000 rials. A two-kilogram-box of eggs rose from around 60-110 thousand rials all the way to 210 thousand rials.

In order to balance the market and curb prices, the government issued permits for the import of eggs from Turkey. The Animal Husbandry Support Company supplied nearly 10 thousand tons of eggs to the market last year.

However, following the new tight import regulation and limited access to foreign currency, producers face difficulty to get their packaging material for egg boxes which is mainly imported to the country.

During the last three weeks, the price of boxes and packaging has risen by 300%. According to the Head of Aviculture Association of Iran, Reza Torkashvand, this has led to a 2500 rials rise in the price of eggs.

The price of a 30-egg-box has risen to between 150 to 160 thousand rials at the market which shows a rising trend.

“Part of increased demand for eggs is due to the rising prices for meat. The increase in the price of both red and white meat has pushed a number of people towards eggs”, said Mr Torkashvand to IRNA.

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