Oil Minister criticizes managers’ skills

Etemad newspaper published portions of Bijan Zangeneh, the Minister of Oil’s talk at the National Conference on Recognition and Development of Future Managers. Mr. Zangeneh believes that management cannot be imported. Furthermore, no military academy can train a General and in order to achieve this rank, a person must pass through various military stages. In the same way, managers must achieve their position through the same process and not because of any other reason. Studies by the ministry of Oil have shown that it takes a minimum of three years for an individual to become familiar with the field of oil and gas. After that, individuals should be coached in smaller town and step by step their responsibilities should increase in larger areas. The Minister of oil called the country’s management system as “made up” and believes that only by correcting it can we cooperate with foreign companies.

Tabnak news agency has commented on next year’s budget and reports that 1000 billion IRR has been set to fix the odor around Imam Khomeini International Airport. The exact cause of these smells is yet unknown. However, experts believe that the landfills in Kahrizak, several kilometers away from the airport are the main cause. If this is true, the smell has been caused by the liquids in the trash seeping into the ground and thus the problem cannot be solved easily and quickly.