May Iran lose Iraq’s Market?


Although recently Iran is exporting dairy products to Russia, the overall export between March 2015 to 2016, has decrease by almost 5%, reaching $530 million.

Mr. Hassan Rokni, Vice Minister of Agriculture of Iran says that 9 million tones of milk are annually produced where less than 10% of it is exported.

Province of Isfahan, with 3.5 million sheep and cows, produces 1 million tones of milk per year, which makes this province to be the largest producer in the country.

There are 370 industrial dairy farms, 1000 quasi-industrialized and around 28000 traditional farms in this province.

Iraq is one of the main importers of Iranian diary products; though recently she has increased the import tariff by 30% to protect Iraqi producers. This seems to be a great concern for Iran.

Sources: Ministry of Agriculture of Iran, Iran Customs Administration

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