Managing consumption instead of building new power plants

Tavanir Co. has announced plans by the Ministry of Energy to control energy consumption in peak hours during summer. With the weather getting hot from June to September, the consumption of electricity increases significantly and is expected to reach 59 thousand Mega Watts. Quoting talks with the Assistant Coordinator of Distribution at Tavanir, Shargh reports that working hours will shift to 7 to 13 in ten hot provinces. Mahmoudreza Haghifam also announced incentive policies for industries and farmers that reduce their consumption during peak hours. Farmers who refrain from using electricity for 4 hours during the hours of 12 and 17:30 will not pay for their electricity. Furthermore, factories that change their working hours will receive major incentives on their electricity bills in the following months. Such policies were successful in reducing electricity consumption by 4000 MW last year.

Mr. Haghifam has said that since 40% of consumption during peak hours is from households, up to 25 thousand MW can be saved if families reduce their consumption by 10%. Using three-phase meters will automatically reduce bills if users reduce their consumption during peak hours. The Ministry of Energy has also set incentives for households which reduce consumption compared to last year.