Social Security Organization sells its businesses

Shargh writes that most did not expect the Social Security Organization to act on its decision to limit business operation so soon. The Social Security Investment Co. (SSIC) is transferring 130 of its subsidiaries and plans to reduce its holdings from 9 to 5, limiting itself to the fields of oil, gas and petrochemistry; pharmaceuticals; bank and Insurance; mining and metals; and information technology. RighTel, the third mobile network operator, is one of the companies which the SSIC plans to transfer its executive management. Applicants must have suitable financial status, be Iranian and have at least three years of experience as the CEO of a national mobile network.

Saiid Khodamoradi, the CEO of Saba Tamin Investment Co. which is charge of the transfer of SSIC assets has emphasized that the businesses were not chosen based on financial loss and gain but rather are either small businesses which the SSIC should not have acquired in the first place or are companies that do not align with SSIC strategies. The transfer of these companies will not only invigorate the private sector but will also create profits for the Social Security Organization.