Waterless Carwash in Tehran Grabs Attentions

An Iranian waterless carwash startup which washes vehicles on the spot has thought of a novel idea to attract customers. Rain warranty, meaning that if it rains, up to 24 hours after having your car washed the company will wash your car again free of charge.

In order to save water, the carwash uses nano-technologies resulting in the mere consumption of one litter of water per automobile. The idea came about as a result of water shortages. In traditional carwashes, over 100 litters of water are wasted on washing each car.

Since underground water reservoirs have shrunk significantly, there is not much difference between using drinking water or well water. In spite of this, approximately 10% of carwashes use drinking water.

This mobile carwash business was set up with 100 million IRRs in initial funding. They are however faced with a number of challenges as people are suspicious of their nano-technology based washing method. As a result, the majority of their expenditure is on advertising their business.

In a period of two years, their customer base has grown fivefold, said the founder of this startup. Most customers are women living in northern or western Tehran.

One of the main reasons for the success of this startup is time saving as you can have your vehicle washed while you are at work or busy with other tasks. Moreover, the cost per vehicle is around 300 thousand IRRs (7 USD) which is in the same range as conventional carwashes.

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