Tax revenue from houses in the next year budget

In the next year budget bill, luxury or empty houses and apartments are due to tax. If the Parliament passes this bill then real estate worth more than 100 billion rials must pay an annual tax. The tax is calculated step-wise. For properties worth 100 to 150 billion rials the tax is 1 per 1000 of the price of the property. For apartments or houses worth 150 to 250 billion rials, the tax is 1 per 1000 up to 150 billion plus 2 per 1000 for the rest and so on.

The most expensive and luxury properties in Tehran are located in the north quartier of Tehran, mainly Shemiranat. Some are also located at north-west like Shahra-e Gharb. In these parts of the city, one square-meter costs between 350 to 600 million rials, depending on the year of construction, facilities and location.

This is while in southern quartiers of Tehran, average price for one square-meter is about 140 million rials.

Donyay-e Eghtesad daily estimates that it should be 60 to 90 thousand properties which are worth more than 100 billion rials and could become due to tax payment should the bill pass. This number is equivalent to a bit less than 4 percent of all the real estate in Tehran.