Most valuable goods make less than 1% of total export

Top 30 exported goods from value point of view, make less than 1 percent of total Iranian export.

Custom Office of Iran has published a report about the goods exported within the first six months of the Iranian fiscal year. Handicrafts, Products made or included precious stones and Rose oil are the top three expensive goods exported from Iran.

The first destinations for these 30 products have been United Arab of Emirates, Iraq and Germany.

To compare export value, Donyaye Eghtesad daily, has considered an average price for goods per tonnes and concludes that in the first six months of the year, on average the price/tonne of exported goods have increased by 17%.

Excluding crude oil export, 97.5% of the export, worth 22.5 billion USD, has been to 50 countries, where nearly 60% of it was sent to China, United Arab Emirates and Iraq, respectively.