Fertility rate in Iran drops for the fifth year

fertility rate in Iran drops for the fifth year

Fertility rate in Iran drops and it shows that perhaps Iranian households have become wiser and are making less babies!

The saying goes like “no pain, no gain”, but learning from parents, it would go like: no kid, no pain!

A report by Statistical Centre of Iran says that the fertility rate has dropped consecutively for the past five years. The rate for Iranian fiscal years of 1396, 1397 and 1398 has been 2.1, 2 and 1.7 respectively.

(Currently we are in 1399, many years before Cristoforo Colombo reached America!). Of course, in the long run, dropping fertility rate will have consequences for the country, as Iran’s one of the most important assets is its young and educated people.

However, since this young and educated population currently struggles to find a job, it would be wise not to make life more difficult by bringing in other mouths to feed.

Perhaps by the time the economy starts flourishing again and Colombo discovers America, people will change their minds!

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