Iran’s export increases in volume not in value

The Customs Administration has published the export and import report within the first quarter of the Iranian fiscal year, i.e. 21 March to 21 June 2019. The report shows that the total export of non-petroleum […]


Week in Brief 07.06.2019

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has changed the regulations in the export of Iron-ore. From June 2019, only iron-ore producers are permitted to export this product and other traders cannot do so. The reason […]


Iran: world’s 6th consumer of gold

“Iran is among the top ten world’s largest consumers of gold”, says Hojjat Shafaei, Head of Gold Manufacturers Association of Iran. “Producing each kilo of gold creates two jobs in the country. However, too much […]


Afghanistan bans importing goods from Iran

Fearing from the US sanctions, Afghanistan bans imports of four category of goods from Iran, targeting mainly metal and petrochemical products. After the imposition of the new round of sanctions against Iran by the US, […]


Neishabur Steel Project carries out despite water crisis

With the opening of the Neishabur Steel Project, the country’s direct reduced iron production capacity has increased to 800 thousand tons, annually. Shargh however, considers this as one of the seven projects which were carried […]


Water crisis affects listed companies

Water shortages have caused worry for companies in the Bourse. Almost half of the companies in the Bourse are located in the center of the country which is faced with severe water shortages. During the […]


The turn over of IMIDRO’s assets

The Privatization Organization of Iran recently turned over 310 trillion IRRs ($7.4 billion) of IMIDRO (Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organization) assets. The CEO of IMIDRO, Mahdi Karbasian says that by March […]


Steel prices will not increase

The price of steel will not rise until July 2018. Taadol writes of the complaints of the members of Tehran Chamber of Commerce who are downstream users of steel. In a letter to the Minister […]


Markets in Brief 09.03.2018

Although Iran does not export steel to the US, but the Iranians steel makers’ share prices were not totally indifferent toward the recent comments of Donal Trump. Iran exports 94% of its steel production; steel […]