Iran’s export increases in volume not in value

The Customs Administration has published the export and import report within the first quarter of the Iranian fiscal year, i.e. 21 March to 21 June 2019.

The report shows that the total export of non-petroleum goods has reached 11.5 billion USD, which is 1.1 percent less than the same period a year ago. On the other hand, although the export of Iranian goods is lower in value, it shows 43 percent growth in volume. This can be interpreted as Iran having exported more raw-materials this year while it was more on finished goods in the past.

Main three destinations for Iranian goods in the first quarter have been China (2.64 billion USD), Iraq (2.38 billion USD) and Turkey (2.2 billion USD). One of the most interesting figures is the growth of exported products to Turkey which have become 5-folded with respect to the same period a year ago. However, the import from Turkey has also increased by 129 percent.