40% decline in production of bottled water

Production and distribution of bottled water have declined by 40% over the last few weeks. The packaging industry in Iran is highly dependent on the import of its raw material to produce plastic packages. The […]


Subsidiaries to control food prices

The Government to pay 4000 IRR in subsidiaries per each dollar spent to import essential goods. Iran writes, prior to the unification of the currency rate, essential goods such as corn, barley, soy and press […]


Packaging: the weakening factor for Iranian exporters

The Chancellor of the Iran and Russia Chamber of Commerce, Assadollah Asgaroladi, blames Iranian exporters for the lack of exports of foodstuff to Russia. He evaluated Iranian exporters as weaker than their competition in packaging […]


Iran builds refineries abroad

Iran newspaper announced negotiations between the Iranian government and six countries i.e. Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Sierra Leon, Brazil and India for cooperation in the construction and the purchasing of shares of crude oil refineries. […]


Should the price of bread increase?

This week the price of bread was supposed to rise by 15% in government run bakeries. On the first day, however, the increase was canceled by President Rouhani’s order. Donya-e-Eqtesad, an Iranian economic daily, reports […]