Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Co.

Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company is one of the 9 Iranian petroleum refining companies. It was erected on an

approximate area of 700 Hectares on the North coastline of the Persian Gulf near Bandar Abbas city. The company was exploited in 1997. In 2012, its production capacity reached 350,000 barrel per day.

Refinery feedstock includes 20,000 b/d of light crude oil from Hengam island, 300,000 b/d of heavy crude oil from Khark island and 30,000 b/d of condensate from Sarkhoon and Asalouyeh gaseous fields now.

During the past several years, the state pattern for production and consumption of oil products has been changed from mid-distillation products to gasoline with more added value.

This project runs under the title of gasoline production increase in order to state self-sufficiency in gasoline production and products quality upgrading on the basis of Euro 5 standard. This project is under construction procedure on a land with an area about 345,000 Sq m.

Company Profile
CEO: Mr Hashem Namvar
Year of foundation: 1997
Number of employees: 1267 (2013)
Market Capitalization: 99,139.2 billion IRR (January 2018)
Symbol: PNBA
Floated shares: 9%
Total Revenue: 164,211,304 million IRR (2017)

4.47 billion USD1

Foreign sales: N/A
Net Profit: 10,292,931 million IRR (2017)
Main Shareholders2 Percentage
Refah Bank 35.77%
Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group 17.43%
Others 46.8%
Main Products Volume (cubic meter)
Liquefied Petroleum gas (LPG) 430,166
Kerosene 798,722
Motor gasoline 2,729,551
Oil gas 6,016,043
Fuel oil 4,118,736
Jet Fuel 243,818
Sulfur 19,361
Vac Bot 1,359,302
Naphtha 1,222,919
Others 348,630

1: Official exchange rate used on the date of publication; 1 USD equivalent to 36,670 IRR.

2: Only shareholders with more than 5% of shares are specifically named.