Week in Brief 12.10.2018

Finally, after four months, the Parliament approved to comply with financial terrorism acts, provided by Financial Action Task Force, known as FATF.

The approval of these acts became extremely controversial and until the very last moment it was not clear whether Iran would join FATF or not.

Ali Motahari, Vice President of Majlis, appreciated the approval of this act, saying: “The most important consequence of this act is to ease the financial transactions with Iran overseas, where we have several problems”.

Although the officials supporting joining FATF say that approving these acts alone does not guarantee to solve all the problems we currently have, however, it can reduce the effects of the return of US sanctions.

The European Union who is supporting the nuclear deal after the US has pulled out, had required Iran to join FATF as soon as possible in order to keep doors open for finding further solutions regarding financial channels.

At the same time, in a meeting between European ambassadors in Iran and Foreign Policies Committee of the Parliament, the Ambassador of Austria, Stefan Scholz, has again insisted that the EU is looking forward to open its office in Tehran in a near future.

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